Students of School of Management, GD Goenka University as a part of their curriculum visited Yuva Ekta India Foundation. The NGO is home to more than 100 kids that are mostly not even in their teenage years that come from less privileged families, that really need financial support from anyone who is willing to help. They need the basic needs such as clothes and food, some need serious medical attention due to the kind of sickness they have, like; deformed bones, which is expensive for them as they hardly have money to pay rent for their NGO. Their plan was to help raise funds for them, as lack of funding is their major problem. Each member of the group was willing to teach them at least one skill that will be beneficial for them, for example, (i)Teaching them how to trade stocks, forex and learning about the internet and its works (ii) giving them practical ideas for a family business venture. This is meant to help ease the financial burden that they have.

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