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Introduction to Part-time Ph.D.

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The part-time Ph.D. program allows working professionals to fulfil their scholarly aspirations. It enables them to undertake research under an experienced faculty supervisor, paving the way for a future in research or academia. GD Goenka University offers the opportunity to pursue part-time Ph.D. to eligible candidates.

What is a Part-Time Ph.D.?

Part-time Ph.D. programs cater to working professionals who want to conduct research and pursue an advanced degree in their preferred discipline. The University Grants Commission (UGC) in India introduced new guidelines for part-time doctoral programs in 2022, allowing employed individuals to undertake research without leaving their jobs. (Source: to-govt-servants-does-away-with-distant-mode-research-101668100996972.html) A part-time Ph.D. scholar can work on the research topic in consultation with their faculty supervisor while continuing to meet their professional obligations. This program provides flexibility to individuals who want to pursue research but lack the financial stability to give up their employment.

What are the Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Part-time Ph.D.?

Enrolling in a part-time Ph.D. program offers the following advantages: ● Financial Stability: The candidate can retain their source of income while they pursue the program. In addition, the fees for part-time programs are often lower than for full-time Ph.D. programs. ● Flexibility: Part-time Ph.D. programs allow scholars to manage their research and work commitments with more flexibility than a full-time program. ● Practical Perspective: As the candidates continue to work, they can remain in touch with the industry. This aspect can help them incorporate a practical perspective in their research. However, some candidates may experience the following challenges with a part-time program: ● High Workload: Candidates must balance their professional commitments with research tasks, which may be stressful for some. An applicant should consider this aspect before applying for a part-time Ph.D. program. ● Time-Consuming: This part-time research degree may take more time to complete than a full-time Ph.D. program. Although the minimum and maximum time limits are similar, part-time scholars may require additional time to manage their professional obligations.

Difference Between Part-time and Full-Time Ph.D. Programs

The main differences between part-time and full-time programs lie in terms of their duration and flexibility. A part-time scholar may take 4-6 years to complete their research, while full-time scholars are more likely to fulfil their degree requirements in 3-5 years. However, the part-time Ph.D. program allows scholars to retain their job, which is not an option for full-time researchers.

Edge of Pursuing Part-time Ph.D. over Full-time Ph.D.

Pursuing a part-time Ph.D. program offers researchers more flexibility. They can conduct research at their own pace while being assured of a stable income. Their job security ensures additional peace of mind as they pursue this advanced degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Widely-acclaimed as one of the top academic institutions, G D Goenka University offers doctoral programmes in multiple fields. From Engineering, Agriculture and Humanities & Social Science to Law, Management and medical and allied sciences, choices are many! Whatever your area of interest, you can opt for a full-time or part-time PhD programme at the G D Goenka University as per your preference and suitability.

G D Goenka University is one of the best PhD colleges in Delhi. Several senior professionals from the education fraternity as well as many meritorious national and international students, join our doctoral programme every year. Here are the pre-requisites for enrolling in our PhD programme:

  • You must have completed your Master's degree from a UGC or AIU-recognised university.
  • Having a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate is compulsory.
  • Foreign students, NRI applicants or candidates having a Master's degree from an overseas university must provide an equivalent certificate at the time of PhD application.

To enrol at the G D Goenka University PhD programme, follow the given guidelines:

  • First, you must fill out the online application form.
  • Second, sit for the entrance examination and interview.
  • Third, once qualified, you will receive the admission offer. Complete your coursework thereafter.
  • Fourth, the college will provide the best guide and mentor to help you with thesis writing.
  • Fifth, complete your thesis and submit it.

Whether you opt for a full-time or part-time PhD admission, G D Goenka University will ensure you get the best research facilities for your doctoral studies. That is why the institute takes great strides to team up with top private and government sector industries, various NGOs, community organisations and other research institutions.

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