• Our Vision

    To be an institution of excellence in legal education enabling socially and ethically responsible legal professionals with competence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Our Mission

    To prepare socially responsible legal professionals through

    1. Strong foundation in the fundamentals linking knowledge and skills through experiential learning
    2. Innovative pedagogical approach and research infrastructure to groom legal professionals
    3. Collaboration with leading legal institutions on Interdisciplinary projects that instill team-based problem-solving skills
    4. Emphasis on professional ethics to ensure sustainable contribution towards society and even protection of new and original native intellectual and cultural knowledge rights
    5. Incorporation of emerging domains including digitalization, entrepreneurship and environmental compliance into the curriculum to enable digitalised and environmentally compliant, society, business, and governance for sustainable development
    6. Inculcation of adoption of best practices and technology to ensure timely delivery of justice