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Welcome to the School of Management

The School of management aims to prepare students for tomorrow, equipping them today with the right knowledge, skills and attitude that will help them be effective in any venture they choose, nurturing and developing them to become good individuals who are sensitive to the society around them.Learning and teaching in the management school covers all aspect of management. All the specializations are available. There is very experienced faculty and pedagogy followed is very innovative. There is lot of emphasis on learning by doing.

GD Goenka – A recognized name among top MBA colleges in Delhi



  • Professor Suku Bhaskaran

    Professor Suku Bhaskaran

    International Business and Strategic Management

  • Mr. Susanta Bose

    Mr. Susanta Bose

    Assistant ProfessorOrganizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

  • Ms. Shimpy Mishra

    Ms. Shimpy Mishra

    Assistant ProfessorInternational Commercial Laws

  • Ms. Preeti Malhotra Verma

    Ms. Preeti Malhotra Verma

    Assistant ProfessorHuman Resource Management

  • Mr. Abhikarsha Sinha Ray

    Mr. Abhikarsha Sinha Ray

    Visiting faculty and Research scholar

  • Dr. Tanuja Kaushik

    Dr. Tanuja Kaushik

    Management Science

  • Dr. Suneel Arora

    Dr. Suneel Arora

    Accounting and Finance

  • Dr. Gyanesh Kumar Sinha

    Dr. Gyanesh Kumar Sinha

    Associate Professor
    Production and Quantitative methods

  • Dr. Kishore Kumar Morya

    Dr. Kishore Kumar Morya

    Associate Professor
    Production and Quantitative methods

  • Ms. Sudipta Sen Gupta

    Ms. Sudipta Sen Gupta

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Karina Bhatia Kakkar

    Dr. Karina Bhatia Kakkar

    Assistant Professor
    Economics and International Business

  • Ms. Swati Sisodia

    Ms. Swati Sisodia

    Assistant Professor Human Resource Management

  • Dr. Nusrat Khan

    Dr. Nusrat Khan

    Assistant Professor
    Human Resource Management

  • Dr. Vandana Mehrotra

    Dr. Vandana Mehrotra

    Associate Professor
    Accounting and Finance

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Student Testimonials

  • I can positively say that G.D. Goenka University has made me a better person.It was a great time that I had spent in G.D. Goenka. They have a wonderful faculty and they are very co-operative while the campus environment is very positive.School of Management has taught me the art of adaptability and its applications to tackle the uncertain situations.I am very grateful to G.D. Goenka University and their faculty for helping me enhance my knowledge, skills, and abilities.
    Ishan Goel (BBA)
    Batch (2014-17)
  • In these past three years i have learned so much and made some really good friends and memories here at GDGU.One of my professors recently said at GDGU it is never about the grades or the marks it is about the lives and she couldn't have been more accurate. The School of Management and all that goes with it can be easily metaphorically compared to a family. One that is propelled by a sense of concern and care for all members. A big thank you to all the faculty who are always encouraging be it in academics or any extra-curricular endeavours one might undertake both within and outside the campus. GDGU was quite an adventure and has undoubtedly left a positive mark on me.
    Zubair Singh Kalsia (BBA )
    Batch (2014-17)
  • It’s so difficult to believe that it has been 3 years already! My journey with G.D Goenka University was knowledgeable, motivating & full of surprises. The curriculum provided me with multiple opportunities to explore through industrial trips, guest lectures or campus recruitments .Moreover, the faculty is remarkable as they are highly qualified, friendly & approachable. The lush green 60 acre campus is sure to leave anyone spellbound. Goenka gave me a platform to portray my talent as a student, classical dancer and a sports person which boosted my overall confidence. The university is a perfect combination of strictness, guidance and personality development .These 3 years are going to be the most memorable years of my life where I made great friends & had an encouraging faculty. I wish to express my respect and gratitude to all my faculty members and thank all my friends for being a part of this wonderful journey which will be reminiscent of glorious college days.
    Laksha Bangera (BBA)
    Batch: 2014-17
  • I would describe the G D Goenka University as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the school’s reputation, and my career goals.The best thing about the degree is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that allows me to conduct research on what interests me the most, so in all my time here I have never felt bored.To any new student coming to the University, I would say this: Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for second best.
    Shreyansh Jain (MBA Sem II)
    Batch 2016-18
  • I am pursuing MBA from GD Goenka University and would like to add that the University and the faculty members are very student friendly and approachable in nature. The faculty members make sure that all the sessions are interactive and interesting in nature. They use a lot of case studies, discussions, role-plays and many innovative ways of evaluation. The University organizes various industrial visits, guest lectures, conferences and case conclaves to give a hands on experience to its students.The University has various facilities to help you evolve as a student, from a well-stocked library, to IT Laboratories, gymnasium, management club activities and many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
    Riya Mondle (MBA Sem II)
    Batch 2016-18
  • GD Goenka University has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. By participating in the inter-university and intra-university events conducted by the School of Management, I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to whole new augment level. The infrastructure of GD Goenka University is one of the finest in the NCR region is what stands out the most. The professors here make the university what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but also providing the students with real-time case studies and hands on industry experience with field project works, they are the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university and this is a treasure for life.
    Harshita Ahuja Singh (MBA Sem IV)
    Batch 2015-17
  • As an undergraduate and or working professional, you constantly hear how getting your MBA can help you advance faster and get better jobs. In my experience, this information is entirely true. Earning my MBA from the G.D GOENKA UNIVERSITY provided me with numerous benefits and opportunities. In this program, I gained tremendous knowledge about varied facets of business. The courses offered are diverse and cover subject areas that range from Accounting to Financial Analysis, Business strategy to Business analysis, Human resource Management to Recruitment, Company Law, Supply chain, Entrepreneurship, Glocalisation Strategy and many more. The classes are full of challenging cases, promote critical thinking and provide the students every chance to build a robust skill set applicable to many business career paths. The professors provide us with real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the business world. These connections show us that we are learning practical skills which we will use in our future business endeakes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students.
    Neha Saraf (MBA Sem IV)
    Batch 2015-17
  • MBA Programme offered by GDGU aims to provide fair and equal access to everyone. Students here are not restricted to particular specialization rather they gain sufficient exposure to different management function both practically and theoretically also Students here are provided with Mentors who focuses on personal grooming. A lot of seminars and conferences like finance conference, entrepreneurship conference are held very frequently that gives a lot of practical exposure .Great University and atmosphere. The infrastructure and management is good too. The Guidance provided by the faculty members is valuable.
    Smriti Nagpal (MBA Sem IV)
    Batch 2015-17
  • Success was a phenomena in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to GD Goenka University. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the mentors, my hardwork and fate that I flew high to the right direction from where I was founded. Thanking for the miracle of life at GD Goenka University. Its Family.
    Vivek Singh
    Relationship Manager Sales, Indiabulls Distribution Services Limited
  • The journey that started at School of Management, GD Goenka University, two years ago was indeed one of the best decisions of our lives. Our professors have inspired us and challenged us throughout this quest to help us reach the epitome of success and achievement. The unique approach of “learning by doing” via cases, industrial visits and consultancy projects has led to immense value addition. The teachings we learnt will be helpful for all days henceforth.
    Nitu Bhattacharya
    Associate, Protivity
  • As a foreign student, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful campus and the quality of facilities that GD Goenka University provides. Eventually the excellent pedagogy of the teachers and the amazing help I received to enhance my skill and improve my knowledge convinced me of the Excellency of GD Goenka University. I will recommend this place to all the international students as well as this is the place where one learns more than one can expect.
    Nanou Deve Nandy Veronica (MBA Sem II)
    Batch 2016-18
  • I Jaskanwarjeet Singh Bakshi, a graduate in BBA with specialisation in Marketing got admission in Adelphi University (New York) for the course MBA in management information systems.I have got a scholarship for $8000 in the University. I am flying to achieve my higher goals in United States.I thank GD Goenka University and specially the school of management department to brush my skills to achieve my goals in life.
    Jaskanwarjeet Singh Bakshi
    Adelphi University (New York)
  • GD Goenka University’s School of Management is definitely a paradise for students who aspire to achieve par excellence in the field of ‘Marketing’. With an astute attention to detail, backed up by current market trends, Marketing and various techniques have been made interesting by the faculty of School of Management.
    Adamya Varma
    Associate Analyst , GSS Risk Management Services
  • The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty at GD Goenka University has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmes and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.
    Guljeet Singh
    Associate Manager Sales, Indiabulls Distribution Services Limited
  • Apart from the lush green campus backed by astonishing infrastructure, studying in Goenka gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. From the very supporting faculties to excellent pedagogy, all helped me enhance my skills to the optimum and is still inspiring me to never give up. My education at G D Goenka University was an experience for lifetime and will stay with me forever.
    Karishma Chandak (MBA)
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