Some stories make you laugh, some make you cry and there are some, which make you think. And Euripides’s “Medea” made me ponder on just about everything, from mythical dragons and golden fleeces to an all consuming hunger for revenge, it has it all and much more.

“Medea” is an eye opening and inspiring piece of literature that truthfully captures the oppression of women in the earlier times, an issue still prevalent today. The story revolves around Medea, a sorceress who assists Jason, leader of Argonauts in stealing the Golden Fleece. Soon after, they get married and have two children together. A few years later, Jason leaves Medea for a more favorable match with the daughter of King Creon.

This book beautifully interweaves the themes of passion, love and revenge into an ultimate tale of a scorned woman. With emotions running rampant, Euripides showcases how the hunger for power and fame can destroy lives of many. The readers are also introduced to the themes of oppression of women, they were only perceived as childbearing entities. The protagonist Medea is multifaceted, a woman of extreme emotions who is quick to change the love she once felt for Jason into a gut wrenching need for revenge.

I was left hooked by this mythical tale. They come face to face with reality of life then and the issues they faced. I particularly sympathized with Medea, a woman who only wanted a happy family but got anything but that. I was particularly fascinated by the workings of the Greek society; it provides an insight into the past of this rather glorious and godly civilization.

Even days after reading this book, I still find myself wondering what would I have done if I were in Medea’s position and I am sure you would too.

Blog writer : Aashi Yadav

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