CORONA- Bridging the digital divide in education system

“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata

Accepting challenges in life is a human tendency but who was knowing that life itself would become a challenge and that too a tough one. The spread of pandemic covid-19 is now slowly and gradually on the peak of creating history for destroying many lives, lowering GDP, disturbing normal lifestyles and giving a major turn to education system cycle. As this spread has led to a major and a long shutdown in numerous of countries which has confined people to their houses only , that is total self-isolation.

But, as they say that a coin has two faces, similarly coronavirus somewhere, somehow is also seen as a well-wisher for the nature or environment as the pollution levels are decreasing, water of oceans, rivers, ponds, etc. are breathing or reviving. Animals ,which we tend to see in forests or Zoo by spending money, are now in the open, coming out of their cages to feel there liveliness.

Moreover, as I mentioned earlier that cycle of education system has taken an abrupt turn. Instead of creating panic and lagging behind we all have held our hands together through digitalization to face the present scenario and have managed to keep the education system afloat. The schools and Universities or education innovators have taken a great and an appreciable initiative to encourage the youth towards studies or future upcomings, after all ,the future of the country is in our hands.

One of the greatest reasons for modernization is digitalization which is currently in full swing. The on-going situation is leading to eliminate the barriers caused due to digital divide. As, classes are being conducted online making many teachers and students upgrade themselves technologically , as earlier many of us used to refrain ourselves from being a computer savvy.

The online learning is not restricted, that is students can connect from any part of the world. Now a days, availability of live lectures, notes, books, doubt classes, etc. are easily handed and readily used. Also, offices made their employees to work from home which has made their lives easy but also with a great work comes great responsibilities that are employees, teachers, and educators now have to work for more hours and that too at inappropriate timings leading to a hectic schedule.

Coronavirus has changed the thought of a living. Here, survival of the fittest is the prior most things to be known. Hoping best, soon the life will be back to normal. As, this lockdown is not at all a memorable period or enjoyable holidays rather it is hectic, depressing, tensed days of life.

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