Exploring forensic science at GDGU

I chose to study forensic science and pursue it as my career option because, I think this is one of the courses related to all other courses in science whether its biology, chemistry, physics, psychology with investigation subjects, law or any other. This program, still not very popular, but we can say it is the hidden gem of science which helps in solving criminal or civil cases with the help of evidences. Forensic helps to give us justice.

GDGU is one of the few universities which provide programs in forensic science. Our faculty taught us the fundamental principles applied to any investigation where forensic science is involved. They explain all the theories which are important for our subjects. It is one of the upcoming career fields in India. This branch of science has a detailed study of the use of science in solving crimes and tracking down criminals.

Shivani Sharma

B.Sc. Forensic Science (2019-2022)

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

(21 February 2020)

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