Then it so happened that I had a small talk with our new Mr. Fresher as well – Satandeep Singh, a Hotel Management student who won our hearts with his Bhangra dance at the Freshers’ Party. K: Congratulations, Satandeep! How is it like to win Mr. Fresher? S: It makes me happy because people could be proud of me for something. So for all of those who counted on me, this win goes for them. And it feels good that people know you for something. K: Well, did you think you’d win? S: I didn’t think I would win because I had other things to think about. I had been thinking that I should give it my best shot and perform. People who counted on me can be happy with their choice and my performance. Winning and losing are a part of life, so I was prepared to take anything that comes my way happily. K: So what talent did you exhibit for the talent segment for tonight? Tell us more about it and why you chose that particular talent. S: I did Bhangra which is the folk dance of Punjab. I chose it because a) I think that’s all I have maybe, and b) I wanted to carry forward the tradition of the place where I come from. So it didn’t take me much time to make this decision, because more than the performance, what matters is that you enjoy and be happy with what you do. K: What made you enroll at GD Goenka University and what was your first impression of the campus and college life? S:I have heard a lot about the Hotel Management course of G D Goenka University. Since G D Goenka is renowned for that, I chose this particular university. This is a huge campus with people from diverse backgrounds, and this university has given me the best of them all. So this university has a positive influence over me. K: So, hotel management, why that particular course? S: I just want a life which gives me enough to make my family and those few close ones proud of me with the position I achieve. K: Okay, give me three little facts about you for those who want to know more. S: I’m going to quote some things instead because they are what I believe that encompasses me. See the beauty in everything around you and be happy. We shouldn’t use our future to escape our present. This world is not a wish-granting factory. K: Who is your style icon and why? S: There is no one in particular because I tend to follow and learn from everyone who teaches me anything anyway. K: Finally, is there anything you want to say to your fellow freshers? Any advice or shoutouts? Fellow freshers, there is a lot this university is going to give you. Beginnings may be different for different people, but the ending is what should be satisfying. Strive for a better life here because this place has everything which turns you into better or worse… Your choice. K: That’s very meaningful, Satandeep. Alright, thank you and congratulations once again! Our Mr. Fresher 2015 sure seems like a very thoughtful and passionate person. With his mature personality and charm, he will surely be a great role model for all our freshers. The Bhangra dance he brought to the Freshers’ talent segment not only swayed the judges present that day, but also on the Solo Dance Competition held later, on 22 September, where he won first position yet again! Satandeep appears to be a talented young man whom we can all learn from. That’s it for this year’s freshers. The year seems promising and full of hopes and dreams alike, the one link that connects us all together. Thank you for reading, and may you have a great year at GD Goenka University!

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