It’s been a few days since the Freshers’ Party was held, and I feel like it’s still lingering in our hearts. The masquerade-themed party of gold, black and red was a great success. Upon entering the hall, we were greeted by gorgeous masks and decorations all thanks to the SOAP and SOHSS faculty members and volunteers. Chairs were set up to allow a comfortable viewing of the event, and there was even a DJ for the students. If I say so myself, the party was greater than last year’s! The DJ segment was also one of the best. All of us danced our woes and stress away to the songs. I only wish it had been a bit longer for all of us to enjoy.

The performances by the Mr. and Ms. Fresher participants dazzled the audience and garnered huge applause and cheering. The catwalk showed off their strut style and feistiness, while the question-answer session revealed the wit underneath all the beauty. The only unfortunate outcome of the party was that there was only one winner each for the two titles. Of course, only the best would bag the titles and awards, and they turned out to be Pavani Bharadwaj (Ms. Fresher) and Santandeep Singh (Mr. Fresher). There were also winners of other titles – Beluha for Best Walk, Babyrani for Best Costume, Govind Bali for Witty Brains, and last but not the least, Tanishq for Beautiful Smile. We can’t leave out the special guests and deans who worked out a time in their busy schedules to come and visit us at the event. Also, the anchors, Siddhi Gupta and Zubair Singh, deserve all our appreciation for hosting the show that day.

Luckily for me, I also managed to grab hold of our 2015 Ms. Fresher, Pavani Bharadwaj, for a short interview. A strong-headed feminist with brains and beauty, we learn a bit more about her in this interview.

(K – Kamana Rai, P – Pavani Bharadwaj) K: Congratulations! How is it like to win Ms. Fresher? P: It’s amazing, you know. Coming to college and winning Ms. Fresher title; it’s like a dream come true. K: Did you think you’d win? P: I really did not. I had a really high fever and I was in no state to perform. Well, I’m really glad I did, and won! K: So what talent did you exhibit for the talent segment for tonight? Tell us more about it. P: I danced to ‘Girls Like to Swing’. It was freestyle Bollywood and it was a very energetic song. I gave as much energy as I had. It was really good and I loved it. K: Why did you choose that particular talent? P: I’m a professional dramatics girl. I can do Nukkad Natak and I’ve been learning Bharatnatyam since the 8th standard. K: What made you enroll at GD Goenka University? P: GD Goenka’s name speaks for itself. People themselves know it’s a big banner. On that basis, I knew that the university will go to great heights in another five to six years. I’m really glad to be here. K: What was your first impression of the campus and college life? P I loved the infrastructure, and I loved the faculty here (and) the kind of education system they have, I loved it. It’s amazing. K: So, you’re studying LLB Honours? Why that particular course? P: Actually I’ve already done my graduation in Sociology Honours in Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. With this course, I think it will make me a more career-oriented, strong and independent woman. K: Yes, you mentioned in the Question-Answer Round that you were a feminist. P: Yes, I am. K: Okay, give me three little facts about you for those who would like to get to know you. P: I’m a typical dramabaaz girl. Second, I’m not at all into gossip. Also, that I’m a feminist. K: Who is your style icon and why? P: There’s a girl on Instragram, Snobjournal, a fashion blogger from Mumbai. K: What is ONE thing you can’t leave home without? P: My mobile phone. K: Finally, is there anything you want to say to your fellow freshers? Any advice or shoutouts? P: It’s the beginning of college life so live it happily with all the positive energy. Wish you all the very best! K: Alright, thanks for your time! Congratulations once again, and have a great year ahead! P: Thank you!

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