My German Sojourn

Recently, I went to Germany for my studies and stayed there for about 8 months and during that time I got a chance to explore the country. For my part, I travel for no other reason but for the sake of travelling. The sole motive is to move.

My journey began in Berlin. I visited the Berliner Dome where I got to see the breathtaking, gigantic dome. It is a stunning sight indeed. My love for places which hold great historical importance made me visit the Berlin Wall, which used to be the border of erstwhile East and West Germany. It was a very nice experience to sit on the banks of the river flowing along the Wall and feasting on the world famous, Berlin’s curry Wurst. I believe there is some magic in that place. The tranquility of the view compelled me to introspect. All in all, it was a heartwarming experience.

Near the Berliner Dome is Alexander Platz, it has a huge tower known as Fernsehr Turm. One may compare the place with Connaught Place, such is the reminiscence. Alexander Platz is also known to be quite the party hub at night. People sing and dance while of course drinking beer (the German equivalent for water).

Next, my travels took me further north of Germany. I visited Hamburg. Well! Hamburg is known for its palaces, Rathaus and not to forget, its port. Though, Hamburg is a big city, I decided to walk to places, as I believe it gives us a chance to explore the city’s street life and provides us a better sense of their culture and who knows we might come across something even more fascinating. The moment I got a glimpse of the Rathaus, I was struck by the majestic beauty of the palace. The aqua green conical tombs, the big clock and the beautiful architecture gave me an adrenalin in rush. The fountain inside the Rathaus enhanced its beauty. It was as if the walls had a life of their own and spoke for themselves. After wandering around the palace a little more, I continued my trip to the Hamburg port. I was thrilled by the scenic beauty of that port. As I travelled, I realised what a tiny place I occupy in this world. In short, it was an unforgettable experience.

So that was all about my sojourn, and at the end all I can say is that:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Anand Mathur
B Tech, 2nd semester
G D Goenka School of Engineering

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