The best advice for finding your favorite place to s/category/outreach-programs/tudy is to know yourself and how you’re most productive. Do you enjoy background noise or complete silence? Do you like studying in groups or solo? Would you prefer to stay in a familiar space or focus on your notes in a new setting?

There are a wide range of areas that a student can study in when they go to universities but which areas are better and which ones should a student try to stay away from. To look at this topic in a different perspective, I look at what people value in a good studying space that might be unspoken. A majority of students like to study in good lighting with minimal noise. Now, there might be a few students that would disagree with that statement, but for the most part, it reigns as an important aspect in deciding where you should hit the books

When I stepped out and walked around my campus I came up with places with fresh air and proper lighting and with good vibes.

Well, as many university professors have pointed out, your study environment needs to be comfortable, but not too comfortable. There needs to be enough comfort to keep you invested in continuing your studies without making you want to fall asleep or check your phone every half hour. There needs to be a sense of balance.

So, next time you are studying, try to notice if you are fidgeting a lot, nodding off, or just becoming distracted. If any of those are a problem for you, look around your campus to see what possible places there are to study in. Once you find that sweet spot for studying, you’re sure to see a lot of improvement in your education. Step out of your comfort zone and see what you can find. I found mine!!!


B.Sc Forensic Science (2017-2020)

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

(14 March 2020)

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