K – Kamana Rai

A – Aryaman Vedi

P – Priyanka Ghosh

K: It has been a year, right, since you’ve enrolled at the university and won Mr. and Ms. Fresher? So, how has life treated you in this college since then? A: I will say I’ve gotten more exposure with people; half (of) the people know me before I’ve met them. I wouldn’t say – it’s not exactly popularity but making new friends. P: It has been a really nice journey over the year. You get to know new people and after being Ms. Fresher, it was really nice, and I got to know this college and people, and it’s really nice. K: So what is your ambition? Is it any different from what it was last year when you enrolled at this university? A: I took up BBA because I took admission in New York University before this, so I was going for investment banking. My ambition is still the same. P: I think ambitions are such a thing that you can’t change, so it’s still the same. K: What is your ambition? P: To design clothes because I’m in the designing course – textile designing, so I’m really looking forward to this course. K: Okay, great. So one last question – what qualities do you think the new Mr. and Ms. Fresher should have? A: Confidence and most importantly, being nice to people. It’s really important to be humble to people, I guess. No matter how much success you get, it’s really important to be humble. Those are the two most important qualities. P: Confidence matters a lot, whatever you do in life. So confidence and attitude matter in life.

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