Ever wondered why the concept of gourmet food trucks has not picked up in India yet? Such delicious food at an affordable price, is a proposition which seems perfect for a price sensitive market like India.

Although the concept of gourmet food trucks is immensely successful in the US and other parts of the world, it has taken a lot of time for this concept to establish itself in the minds of the general public in India. Even now, after close to 2 years of the first food truck being launched in India, only a few food enthusiasts have familiarized themselves with the concept, have accepted these start-up ventures, and have wrapped their heads around the possibility of being served gourmet food, restaurant quality food from a food truck or a 'chef cart' as it is classified by the licensing authorities in India.

One of the pioneer's of making the idea of a food truck successful in India, is the 'Spitfire BBQ Truck' started in 2013 in Bengaluru, which is known for its flavourful , juicy burgers and tweaked cuban sandwiches on the go. Siddhanth Sawkar, the owner and chef of the 'Spitfire BBQ Truck', ventured into this passion project of his after completing a 3 month Culinary course from Italy. The success of such a food venture is the sign of acceptance of gourmet food trucks into the food culture of India. The fact that it is being replicated at a fast pace reinforces to future entrepreneurs that this concept is here to stay, despite all the difficulties faced by people in terms of dealing with authorities and police especially.

To conclude the food truck culture is a thing of the present and the future as the people of the country, not just the youth are inclined towards trying new things and opening up their palettes to new flavours and cuisines.

Blog writer: Apar Rustagi, PGDCA SoH

Food enthusiast and budding entrepreneur

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