Trip to Surajkund Crafts Mela
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Trip to Surajkund Crafts Mela

People usually say that, “New things that come up are more exciting than things that have already taken place.” But Surajkund Mela changes this perception of few at least. It was 30th Crafts Mela we visited recently and yet, it had crowd in an infinite number. People from everywhere had come to the Mela just to experience the new trends and amazing work that local people and people from different states had created and displayed. You end up not only appreciating their talents but also purchasing the unique fare.

We started with a little introduction about the Mela. Tickets were bought and everyone was ready for something big, which actually turned out to be too huge to be just stated as big. Thanks to the faculty who provided us a chance to be there and look into this side of India, far away from the India that has embraced modifications and modernizations. This was India, pure and almost primitive.

There were a huge number of stalls with varying stuff at each stall. From delicious food that was being offered by different people to different specialties of different cities to unseen prints of clothes. Students got a taste of different regional cuisines cooked in an authentic manner and served in rustic settings. From warm and cozy scarves to fascinating hats, from wooden sculptures to brass products, it had everything to offer to different people according to their choice. There had also been people offering key chains and necklaces which could be customized according to how the customer demanded. For the kids, they had provision of rides for their fun and frolic and to make their time worth spending.

Happy moments were to see the children from various schools perform various acts related to folk dances of popular states such as Rajasthan and Maharashtra depicting folk tradition of these cities. To add to their happiness were the appreciations from different people and photographs being clicked with them. This was something unusual and exciting for them. They were certainly making their families proud at an early stage. Not just children, but youth too had been really active in various performances. There were also people who had served this country with their services and had been there dressed in the best attire, and just for people to know the hidden facts behind their jobs and the prestige, anything anyone does carry. Such motivations are really necessary sometimes, and Surajkund provided one.

There were few huge statues which were representing various games like boxing, kabaddi and hockey. These were major attractions to the school going students who could relate themselves to such games and feel happy that these games have recognition all over the world. One of the major attractions of every age group, girl or a boy, school going or college going, married or unmarried was the helicopter ride that they could see fly here and there just over their heads.

Not just the Indians who usually get attracted to the handicrafts and stuff like soft toys, handmade paintings, stitched prints, and much more, but, foreigners were in a large number capturing all that they found eye catching and really interesting which I guess, everything was, and taking with them the essence of Indian things and serene beauty of Indian things and purity of Indian hands.

Santandeep Singh
Bhmct, 1st year

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