As soon as I graduated from The Cambridge School, I was waiting for college to start! I immediately started packing for G D Goenka University. As the days came closer, the excitement and the nervousness inside me started rising.

August came in and there was no time to back out. Suitcases were packed and tickets were booked. There was this hilarious moment where my father booked a return ticket as well, even though I was not supposed to be back for months! As the date to move into the hostel neared, I had to say good bye to my family and friends. I had to leave the life as I had known behind to take a step forward. Being a somewhat of a guarded person, I prayed to be more open and friendlier towards people. On 24th August, I reached Gurgaon. University’s gates were wide open and it seemed as though it was waiting to welcome me in.

This was my first time to an unknown place where I would be spending three years of my life with complete strangers. As I entered the hostel and was directed towards my room, all I could think of was how my roommates were going to be and whether or not I would get along with them. I could only sit on my bed and wonder, as the other rooms filled up while mine stayed empty. Soon, I met a girl who was from Nainital and we got along so well that people could not believe we had never met before! After a few hours, finally, I met two of my roommates. Coincidently, they were my classmates as well. My fear of not fitting in and not being able to be me was gone in seconds as soon as I started talking to them. It seemed as though we knew each other for ages. Not only was I able to speak comfortably with them, I was able to be me. I was happy that I found a group of people who are understanding and turned out to be a little crazy, just like me. Hostel would have been boring if I hadn’t met them!

I do almost everything with my friends. And also, being able to be me around them, I have the confidence to do the small crazy things I like to do, in public, without caring for strangers’ opinions. You might even see me frolicking around campus with a friend singing, “Jaadu Teri Nazar”. Even though I am away from my family and my friends, this place has become my home away from home.

Now, coming to the topic of studies, the university has a diverse student population with a lot of different people coming from different cultures. The School of Humanities and Social Science (SOHSS), which is the department I belong to, has students who are all unique and amazing in their own way.

Taking up Psychology as a major was a decision I took last year as I wanted to have a career as a Criminologist and Psychology would provide me a good platform for achieving my future goals. Whenever I talk to my family or friends, they always end up asking me if I enjoy my classes. According to them, Psychology is an interesting subject but they never really could understand why I wanted to pursue it in BA; it’s interesting as a topic itself, but not career-wise. I guess everyone has their own interests and it may not always be the same. However, when my family or friends ask me how my classes are going, I am always able to reply that it is a lot of fun!

Just in the first week, we were given a little activity to do. I was paired with another classmate of mine and our task was to go to the canteen, write down what was there in the menu and click selfies! While we were at it, people around us gave us amused looks. They all were surprised to see us taking selfies randomly in the canteen of all places. In the second week, we got the chance to conduct a survey and the class went about the University, running and asking people if they could fill it up. This profiling will make a comprehensive report on our diversity. I never knew how fun learning could be. And I think this is a good way to learn, letting us go out of the box and explore.

Our faculty members are really understanding and supportive! They’re the sweetest beings and we have a friendly relationship with them, although, honestly, we are equally scared of them too. We get the opportunity to interact with each other on a personal level and at the same time, work together as a team. However, even though we’ve spent much time together, I am still taking my time to open up during classes. I have this uneasy feeling that discourages me from speaking out in class. I wonder what if I am wrong. What if they judge me? My fear of being the centre of attraction in class makes me doubt myself. But I am being given a lot of encouragement in that regard.

On a brighter note, I am pretty sure that I will gain enough confidence, with the help of my greatly understanding and encouraging classmates and teachers, to participate in class debates. I am certain that I am going to enjoy the rest of my time in GD Goenka University. It has been a few weeks into college and I still have the same excitement I had when college had just started! I want to explore this interesting subject of Psychology and simultaneously have a great time with my classmates and teachers.

This is a new chapter of my life story, and there are many more to come.

Blog Writer: Sneha Hossain, BA (Hons) Psychology, SOHSS

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