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February 7, 2019
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Making a career in sociology involves the scientific study of the social behaviour of humans and about its origin, development, institution, and organization. After completing your studies from a top college in Delhi, you will not only be able to comprehend human behaviour much better, but also deliberate on its causes and consequences. To study sociology, students have to be patient and have an eye for detail so they can actually understand human behaviour through social interactions, and see how societies develop and change.

The skills that a sociology college will inculcate in you

Once you clear your course, you will have many avenues open for furthering your career, like at private clinics, hospitals, private practice, criminal justice and law, social service, and so on. Sociology is a vast field, and when you join the best sociology college in Delhi or region close to your place, you will be offered choices from many fields to specialize in. There are some sociologists who prefer to study children’s behaviour, others work to decode criminal actions and behaviour. There are many options available in sociology that one may choose from as long as they have the required patience and dedication for your work. Employers look for sociology graduates who have good research and communication skills as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Eligibility for pursuing a career in sociology

If you wish to pursue a profession in sociology, you may consider looking for a good sociology college in Delhi NCR and doing a BA at the undergraduate level and an MA at the post-graduate level in sociology or related fields.

To pursue a bachelor’s degree (BA) in sociology which is a three years’ course, you need to have completed your 10 + 2, preferably in social sciences. Some of the courses that you may follow for pursuing a career in sociology include:

• BA Sociology
• MA Sociology
• MPhil Sociology
• PhD Sociology

Job prospects

As a career, not only is sociology a very enticing option, it is also very diverse if you consider the number of specializations that one can choose from. After you have completed your graduation from the best sociology college, you will have many opportunities available to you, ranging all the way from research institutes and welfare organizations to the criminal justice system and in public health. Other opportunities can include law firms, private businesses, international agencies, educational institutions, medical centres, advertising firms, and survey and polling organizations.

These are just some of the options you will have in terms of career. You will also have opportunities to work in other sectors with specialists in those fields, like political scientists, economists, psychologists, anthropologists, and social workers, who require the assistance of good sociologists to help them make the right decisions in the course of their work.

After the completion of your education in the field, you can choose to be a counsellor, researcher, consultant, educator, etc. and after you get an advanced degree in the field from the best sociology college, you can also apply to be a survey researcher, research analyst, urban planner, statistician, gerontologist, community developer, demographer, or criminologist.

Some of the functions that sociologists usually carry out in the course of their jobs include:
• Market and quality studies
• Planning of services
• Social-economic studies, demographics, and opinions
• Design of project evaluation
• Organisational management
• Grant management and public agreements
• Human resources management
• Satisfaction surveys in marketing, communication and publicity
• Local development
• Regional planning
• Analysis and evaluation of posts
• Social and occupational guidance
• Negotiation and conflict resolution
• Institutional relationships
• Business creation advices

Institutions that undertake projects in rural areas and various NGOs also find a need for sociologists in their organizations.

Choosing the best sociology college

Choosing a good college for you to pursue your course is a decision that should be made after due consideration of all the factors. Check whether the college employs an experienced faculty and whether it provides good infrastructure. Then, you should consider the more personal factors like whether the fee is affordable for you, where the college is located, and so on.

Sociology as a course of study offers numerous avenues when it comes to making a career. However, make sure that you have an aptitude for the field before you make a final decision.

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