G D Goenka University, Gurgaon welcomed its new batch of students with two days orientation programme spanning from 30 August 2018 to 31 August 2018. The main objective of this programme was to lay the foundation for the new students and acclimatize them with the systems, structures and manners of the University. Day one of the Orientation was dedicated to the registration and document verification of the students and apprising them with their course plans, time table, credit requirements and acquainting the students with the different facilities and blocks of the University. The Deans of respective schools extended a warm welcome to their students. They introduced the students to their Head of the Departments and other faculty members. They were also briefed about the GDGU differentiators, flexibility in course plan, different competency builders, knowledge augmenters, amalgamators, minor courses, inter-disciplinary projects and Industry exposure. As mentoring plays a major role in the overall development of a student, all the students in G D Goenka University are assigned a mentor. The new entrants were introduced with their respective mentors. The students interacted with their mentors and filled the mentorship forms.

On the other hand, during day one an Interaction between the parents and the leadership team of G D Goenka University was planned. All the queries and concerns of the parents were addressed by the leadership team of the University.

Day two of the orientation programme i.e. 31 August 2018, began with a welcome address to the students by Dr. Nitesh Bansal, Registrar G D Goenka University. Dr. Bansal briefed the students about the Vision and Mission of the University, details of different schools, ranking, collaborations, infrastructure details and facilities available in the University. During this session, the Hon’ble President Prof. (Dr.) Suku Bhaskaran shared the achievements of the University with the students. He enlightened them about their future and motivated them to achieve their goals. He encouraged the students to develop a support system and imbibe the right kind of knowledge, skill sets, attitude and ethics. He congratulated the students for choosing this University. Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar, briefed the students about the University Regulations. The students were also given a detailed overview of the rules and regulations of the University with regards to the expectations from each student in terms of academics. The new entrants were offered the handbook which gave basic information about college activities, guidelines, rules and regulations. Mr. D. S. Parihar, Controller of Examination apprised the students about the examination system and Mr. Manoj Sahani, Director, CRC provided an overview regarding placement and internship assistance offered by the University. Prof. (Dr.) Anil Dawra, Proctor apprised them with the Discipline and Anti Ragging Measures to ensure clarity in all important matters as far as the decorum in the University is concerned. The pyramid of student activities and clubs organized from time to time in G D Goenka University were shared by Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Kaushik, Associate Dean, Student Welfare. She showcased the various recreational activities, clubs, and other major events of last year including Fresher’s party, Community service activity, Udyami Bazaar, Alumni Meet, University Annual Sports and Techno Cultural Fest. She encouraged the students to participate in the different extra-curricular activities organized in the University from time to time.

During the afternoon session guest lectures by eminent Industry experts were organized by respective Schools. The details of the Industry Experts invited for this session are given below:

School of Architecture and Planning - Mr. Kanishka Prasad, Design Architect

School of Communication - Ms. Archana Kapoor, Filmmaker, Activist & Founder of SMART

School of Education - Dr. Neeta Bali, Director Principal, GDGWS

School of Engineering - Mr. Dhruv Singhal, Head Solution Architecture, Amazon, India

School of Fashion and Design - Mr. Deepak Chakravarty, Head Visual Merchandising & Retail Management, Bata India Ltd.

School of Hospitality - Ms Nikita Bajaj, Portfolio Director Human Resources, Holiday Inn Express

School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Ms. Gowri Sinha, Founder CEO, KRISIN Consulting

School of Law - Justice M. Karpaga Vinayagam, Chairperson, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity and Former Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court

School of Management - Ms. Rakhee Sharma, Leadership & Executive Coach

School of Medical and Allied Sciences - Dr. Sanjay Kumar, General Manager, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical, Gurugram

By sharing some of their experiences, the Industry experts motivated the students to set their goals and strive to achieve them. They also emphasized on the requirements of Industry with respect to the present times. After this session, the students were engaged in varied ice-breaking team activities.

The new entrants were exhilarated and enthusiastic about starting their studies in a University that focuses on the overall development of each student encompassing academics, extra-curricular activities, awareness about the society we live in, a spirit of innovation and creativity and the pursuit of excellence in all the activities undertaken.


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