The world has changed and so has the perception of how we see the world. The youth of the nation has been the catalyst for this transformation. This young generation of the country studying in schools, colleges and universities has a massive potential of changing the world’s balance. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon of all with the potential of changing the face of the world and its people for good.’ The top priority of the young people is to get the best possible education and become responsible citizens of the country. Through education they acquire skills to do jobs that the country’s economy needs. Youth is the age of discovery and dreams. Youth is the spring of life. Youth are fighters.

If the entire world is looking at India as a source of technical manpower it is because it has one of the largest youth population. Developed nations are eyeing this enormous pool of talent that is available at low costs for their own future benefits. This is where youth awakening is so important. If the youth awakens and works toward the vision of making India free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation. Our youth has the power to transform this developing country into a developed nation. So far the youth has not played a crucial role in the political scenario of the country. But this formula of ‘let things happen’ does not ogre well for this country. It is time the youth realizes their power, their roles & responsibilities and stands up for what is right. The youth should become aspiring entrepreneurs rather than just economical labor. Youth is a strong force in social movements. They can educate children about their rights, help other young people attain a higher level of intellectual ability and to become qualified adults.

Youth is that period in which revolutionary thoughts come to mind and these thoughts shape the world we live in.Youth is not only the leaders of the future but also the partners of the present. Youth needs to be productive. It needs to study, work, and contribute to the growth of the nation. At the same time the youth should remember the roots, follow the values which it is raised with and respect the precious gift of life given by god. That is why awakening the youth is very important. So let’s make an effort to recognize this come together to celebrate this awakening.

Let’s take a step forward to give attention that the youth deserves and through our younger generation, make the world a better place.

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