B. Tech. students of Civil, Chemical, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering visited Enrich Agro Food Products Pvt Ltd. on 26th November 2016. The company deals with manufacturing and packing of soft drinks. The company occupies 2 acres of UdhyogVihar, Industrial area phase-II, Gurgaon. It deals with the sanitization of glass bottles, manufacturing of soft drinks and its packaging. Apart from the above mentioned processing units it also has main functional units of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which is mainly for the waste water treatment that comes from various units of the plant.

The objective of the visit was to provide students an insight regarding internal working of company and opportunity to learn practically through interaction regarding the manufacturing, packaging and waste water treatment units in the plant.

To make the students have a better understanding of the processes, the technical instructors started with the description of the Raw Syrup i.e. preparation of the sugar syrup, followed by the Cleaning in Place (CIP) units which are used for the cleaning of the large water tanks. CIP has two parts 3CIP & 5CIP.Then the students visited the Ready Syrup room where they learnt how the Ready Syrup is prepared with the help of addition of Lime Concentrate and activated carbon powder, keeping in mind all the physical attributes of the environmental conditions around.After this, the students were sent to Bottling Hall where the labelling, coding, shrink packaging is done.

Finally the students sawthe functioning of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which consists of the important components likeAeration Tank, Oil & grease Removal tank and Clarifier tanks Equaliser. In the final treated wastewater the various fish were kept to foresee suitability & Reuse of the treated wastewater. The visit was very useful for the students as they could relate their theoretical knowledge with the practical exposure they gained after visiting this plant. It was a good learning experience for the students.

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