School of Management, GD Goenka University inaugurated the Orientation week for MBA(2023-25) on 24th July 2023. The week began with the registration process. The registration event aimed to facilitate a smooth and informative orientation prog. for new students joining the university. It provided an opportunity for interaction with academic, administrative, and admission teams, assigned faculty, and staff to ensure a seamless transition for incoming students.

Program head Dr. Nusrat khan familiarized the students with Program objectives and courses. Chief Mentor Mr. Girish Ahuja conducted a session on the significance of mentorship in students overall growth and development. The mentors shared the mentor-mentee lists and relevant forms, fostering a sense of belonging and support within the student community. Major Karttikeya Sharma, the Chief Administrative Officer, delivered an insightful talk on the university's commitment to sustainable practices. The discussion encompassed sustainable initiatives in various areas, including campus management, hostels, food services, transportation, accounts, and information technology.

Assigned faculty and staff from different departments (Hostel, Transport, ERP, Accounts, and Notary) manned the registration and document verification desks. New students had the opportunity to complete the necessary paperwork, clarify any doubts, and seek information related to various university services. Mentors took the new students on an extensive campus tour, introducing them to different departments, facilities, and academic buildings. This tour aimed to familiarize the students with the campus layout and create a sense of comfort and orientation within the university premises

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