GD Goenka University organized a workshop for its students on the 10th of October, 2018. Mr Rakesh Misri, Co-founder and Business Head at Jovees was the resource person. He apprised the students about various aspects of entrepreneurship. The student teachers attended the workshop.

The objectives of the workshop were:

    • to seek advice from successful entrepreneurs from the field of education and develop skills for growth as an entrepreneur

    • to know about key factors in development of leadership qualities and focus on building attitude in setting up educational institutions

    • to encourage students to start their own institutions and developing strategies for the same.

    • to understand challenges faced by an entrepreneur and

    • to understand key to success in managing human resources at work place.

He further threw light on key challenges faced by people in establishing successful entrepreneurial ventures. Key challenges being: money, people, patience, relationships, service and operational costs. The workshop provided framework on “what to do”, “when to do” and “how to do”. The student teachers learnt how to develop an eye for detail. He expressed keys for success as passion, preparation, perseverance and leadership.
Mr. Rakesh Misri talked about essential key elements for developing strong entrepreneurship skills by having strong inner power, character and a creative mind. He further emphasized on using KPI - key performance index as basis for evaluating their success in their venture while improving their managerial skills in running their own ventures/ institution. Student teachers benefitted a lot from the workshop.

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