MBA Orientation Day 5 witnessed a Guest lecture by Mr. Bipul Chandra, an industry veteran and the esteemed Managing Director of Ducati India and the event commenced with a welcome address to the esteemed guest speaker by Assistant Dean, School of Management, Dr.Vandana Mehrotra. The session focused on "Leadership lessons”. Mr.Chandra spoke about the basic building blocks of leadership being Goals, Passion, Teamwork, Candour, respect, freedom, accountability, and ability to face failures.

Mr. Chandra also shared his extensive knowledge and experiences in the automotive industry, captivating the audience with his passion for motorcycling. He provided valuable insights into the journey of Ducati India, its challenges, and how the brand has evolved over time. He also shed light on the latest advancements in the motorcycling world and the strategies Ducati India adopted to stay competitive in the market.

The interactive session saw enthusiastic participation from the audience, who had the opportunity to
ask questions and gain insights into the business dynamics of the automotive sector. Mr. Chandra's
lecture left the attendees inspired and motivated to be a leader in true sense. Vote of thanks was
given by Dr.Vandana Mehrotra,Dr.Nusrat Khan and Dr.Deepti Wadera.
The second session of the event featured Dr.Azmi Khan, Assistant Professor(SOM), who conducted an
enlightening talk on "Mastering Academic Writing: Ensuring Originality and Credibility."
Dr. Azmi emphasized the importance of academic writing skills and highlighted the significance of
maintaining originality and credibility in scholarly work. He provided valuable tips on structuring
academic papers, using proper referencing techniques, and avoiding plagiarism.
The attendees actively engaged with Dr. Azmi during the session, asking questions related to
academic writing challenges they faced. He offered practical solutions and shared academic resources
to aid students and faculty in their research and writing endeavours.

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