Every year SoFD, the design school, chooses a theme that captures the zeitgeist of the era. This year’s theme for the conference is ‘Waste as a Resource, by Design’ to be held at G D Goenka University’sCampus at Sohna, Gurugram, Haryana (India) on the 16th of February 2018 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.The essence of the event is to explore the role of design as a catalyst and partner to approach the issue of turning waste into a resource; whether it is from the perspective of resources, processes, or energy. It aims to bring together stakeholders for the purpose of creating a platform for sharing, discussing, and synergising on ways that waste be eliminated through our understanding, agreements, and actions.

There are three tracks that are weretouched-upon at this one-day event.


» Social paradigms and cultural influences- past, present, and future.
» Molding consumer behaviour- the good, the bad, and the ugly.
» Mindfulness and personal behaviour as an agent of change.


» Materials selection and utilisation
» Manufacturing processes and technologies.

» Tackling waste generation through scientific research.


» Social awareness and activism
» Industry initiatives for waste transformation.

» Transformation through policies and legislation: the Government’s role.

Besides, designers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, corporates, and members of the civil society—people that are making a difference to the planet—we had a few prominent speaker who would be representing the cause:

    • Narayan Peesapaty of Bakeys edible cutlery and TEDx Speaker;

    • Monica KhannaGulati, activist and founder of NCR Waste Matters;

    • AtulBhalla artist and installation expert;

    • Professor (Dr.) Shyamala Mani, National Institute of Urban Affairs;

    • Shiv Marwaha, principal design consultant;

    • Smita Polite, Head of Marketing & Communication of KaroSambhav; Associate Professor Barbara Pino from Chile;

    • Arturo Dell’AcquaBellavitis, Director Triennale Design Museum, Milan;

  • VestergaardeFrandsen India Limited.

We also had research (academic), projects, and case studies in the form of papers, products, installations, audio-visual media, and other interesting and relevant examples of efforts made in the area of transforming waste to resource. The students and faculty of the school have also incorporated their own environmental waste/junk into creating art installations and other products for display. We request you to publish this as news, event or snippet in your publication. We look forward to hearing from you.

For further details, please visit http://www.designconference.in/

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