Report on Guest lecture by an ARS Scientist organized by SoAS to motivate the students of
B.Sc Agriculture and providing insights on the subject

To orient and motivate students on prospects and opportunities in the field of Agriculture
Sciences, School of Agricultural Sciences, GDGU, organized a guest lecture of Dr. Shantanu
Rakhshit, ARS-Scientist, CRI-Bikaner, Rajasthan on March 21, 2022. The young scientist
interacted with all the students of SoAS inspiring them and enlightening them on different
prospects and opportunities in the field of Agriculture.
Dr. Rakhshit started the session on a very welcoming note and shared interested stories on
agriculture to break the ice with the students. Proceeding on, Dr. Rakhshit explained how the
subject is important and interesting at the same time. He discussed about different disciplines of
agriculture with a brief genesis of all. Not only that he minutely explained the challenges that are
usually faced by the agricultural professionals in their daily life and also provided tips on how to
win them.
Dr. Rakhshit also discussed his personal experiences, including the path that led him to his
current position and the skills and education that were required to succeed in his role.
The guest speaker also provided students with a better understanding of the present scenario of
Indian agriculture and various researches that are being focused on by professionals in the
agriculture industry. He discussed the impact of climate change on agriculture, the importance of
sustainable farming practices, and the challenges of adapting to new technologies and
The events also provided students with an opportunity to ask questions and receive advice from
experienced professional. Students were able to clarify their doubts, seek guidance on their
career paths, and learn about the various opportunities available in their chosen field.
Concluding the session, Dr. Rakhshit encouraged all the students to choose their own field of
interest and pursue their career on that. The day was a very interactive and gainful for the
students as they got to have an insight of different opportunities for their future career goals.

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