The event " Insights on University Research, Learning, and Development" was organized by School Of Management with the objective of providing new students with essential information about university policies, regulations, student clubs, and facilities. 

The event commenced with an enlightening keynote address by Prof. (Dr.) B.S Satyanarayana, the Vice Chancellor of GD GOENKA UNIVERSITY. Dr. Satyanarayana shared valuable insights on the significance of research, learning, and holistic development in a university setting. He emphasized the university's commitment to fostering a culture of academic excellence and innovation.

Dr. Dhirender Singh Parihar, the Registrar of the university, took the stage to apprise the students of the university's rules and regulations. He provided comprehensive information on academic policies, course requirements, grading systems, and attendance guidelines. Mr. Narender Sharma, the Controller of Examination, enlightened the students about the code of conduct during examinations. He emphasized the importance of academic integrity and ethical behaviour during assessments. The students were informed about examination schedules, evaluation procedures, and the importance of maintaining academic honesty.

Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Kaushik, the Dean of Student Welfare & International Relations, presented an overview of the vibrant student life at GDGU. She highlighted the various student clubs and organizations that provide opportunities for extracurricular activities and skill development. The post-lunch session commenced with an interactive ice-breaking activity led by Dr. Preeti Malhotra and Dr. Mehraj. The activity aimed to promote bonding among the new students and create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

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