GD Goenka University took a bold initiative in organising a Summer School, from 28 May – 7 June 2019, for school students belonging to the upper primary and high school. The USP of the Summer School was a ‘University Certification’ to the participants at the conclusion of the course. The major thrust of the courses offered was interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Discipline specific Schools at GD Goenka University offered specialisation courses tailored to meet the requirements and attract the attention of young minds. The purpose was to expose students to University and campus life, to enable them to explore their varied interests, but most of all, to help them refine their potential in their chosen fields of specialisation. This was to guide them further in career paths of their choice and facilitate informed decision making for the future.
The Summer School was conceptualised in a way that represented all the major disciplines being taught at the University. Course packs were thus drawn up by all the Schools, namely, Management, Communication, Humanities, Basic and Applied Sciences, Education, Hospitality, Engineering, Architecture, Fashion Design and Law. Course Packs contained a description of the course being offered by the School and details of classes and activities that would be covered during the Summer School. They also mapped the course outcomes for students, thereby providing a scientific assessment of each course that was being offered. On popular demand, the University decided to offer a complementary minor specialization. This gave students the opportunity to participate and gain specialization in two courses of the Summer School – one major and one minor.
The University received participation from schools in Delhi NCR, namely, Delhi Public School, DAV Public School, St Xavier’s School, Lotus Valley International, Kunskapsskolan, Presidium, Shikshantar, GD Goenka Public School, GD Goenka World School and Narayana E Techno.
The inauguration of the Summer School on 28th May took place at the University premises. Present at the occasion were students accompanied by their parents and guardians. The parents were urged to mark the beginning of the event by lighting the lamp. This was followed by the inaugural address by Prof (Dr.) Tanuja Kaushik, Dean, Students Welfare & International Relations, who welcomed the students - around forty five in number–promising them a holistic experience of campus life, classroom instruction, outdoor visits, industrial tours and fun & games. Most of all, she said, the summer school would “guide students to career paths and help form friendships and lifelong memories.”
Prof Kaushik’s address was followed by a brief summary of course packs by the Faculty Advisors of therespective Schools/disciplines. The crowd pullers were courses on ‘Careers in Management’, ‘Food and Beverage Service’, ‘Nanotechnology’, ‘Basic Architectural Design’, ‘Young Design Yatra’, ‘Adobe Photoshop’, ‘Basics of Photography’, ‘Android Application’, ‘Introduction to Python Programming’ and ‘Introduction to Legal System’. This was followed by the registration for minor courses and an ice breaking session.
The sessions were planned for eleven days and we commenced sessions on the afternoon of the first day with classes in management, law, python programming and architecture. The sessions were a blend of lectures, activities and application based learning, Sessions began full swing by day two, with young minds engaged in discerningmarketing strategies, simulation games, an introduction to careers in marketing, architectural drawing, use of nano in technology, techniques in photography and photoshop, design and baking!
The third day of the Summer School was reserved exclusively for industrial visits to the PepsiCo Factory at Nuh and the Gurugram Police Station. At Nuh, the students watched a short documentary on the RJ Group while sipping on chilled Pepsi, Mirinda and Mountain Dew. They toured the manufacturing unit to see storage and package facilities of the aerated drinks. A fascinating experience indeed! Braving the heat, the students then headed to the Gurugram Police Station, where the SHO took them on a guided tour of the premises, talked to them about the role of the police and citizen awareness and followed it up by a question and answer session.
Sessions on the following days built up on the initial momentum. For instance, Management courses oriented students to careers in human resource and finance, risk appetite, techniques to hone leadership skills and teamwork and screening of the movie ‘Joy’, followed by a discussion. The Course offered by School of Design focused on photoshoot, designing bookmarks by laser cut, draping classes, creating space with 3D models and paper model making skills.
The Schools of Engineering and Communication trained students in python programming, development of Android App, Calculator app, single point light exercise, lights in motion, freeze frame photography, photo editing and photoshop. Meanwhile, students who had opted for nanotechnology experimented with the synthesis of silver and nano particles, biomedical application of nano, evident nano hunt and lab use in technology. Clay modeling was catching up with students moulding figurines. Students who had opted for Law worked innovatively on serious topics of Women’s Abuse and Trademarks in Intellectual Property Rights through candid poster presentations. While all this food for thought was keeping many busy, the Goenka kitchen was churning out delicious dishes. Students were taught minimum course presentation, baking and turned out mouth watering stakes, cup cakes, blueberry cheesecakes and mango cheesecakes, a visual treat as well as a treat for the palate!
On the second last day, an aptitude test, the Holland Test was conducted, helping the students to gauge where their maximum potential lay. This was followed by a fun activity whereby students were asked to express their experience of the Summer School and their thoughts in general, along lines of ‘who I was; who I am & who I will be’. The poems then formed an attractive collage that was put on display on the day of the valedictory.
In addition to the above, Special Sessions were held in the evenings to sensitize students on Bus safety and Traffic rules, Electrical and AC Plant, Medical Emergency & First Aid, Food Hygiene and on Fire and Safety. Moreover, the students were put through a routine of sports and yoga every morning and evening. Outdoor visits were organized to Ambience Mall, Kingdom of Dreams and a trek to the Aravalis. The students had a DJ party on their last night at the University hostel.
The Summer School drew to a close on 7th June, with a Valedictory Session in the afternoon where students were presented with trophies and certificates by Prof. (Dr.) SukuBhaskaran, President and Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Kaushik, Dean Student Welfare and International Relations, GD Goenka University. A pictorial power point presentation encapsulating the eleven days of the Summer School showed the range of activities the students had engaged in, from classroom instruction, to creative learning, group activities and application based learning. A video on students’ testimonials was also screened. The Summer School, thus, had honored its mandate to offer a comprehensive and intellectually rewarding experience to its participants, marking the end of the two week journey the students had embarked on.

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