Two Day National Online Workshop on Pedagogy of Construction in Architectural Education (23 and 24 July 2021)

In a rigorous architectural course there is a strong need for paradigm shift in construction pedagogy to accommodate the challenging traditional modes of instruction where information is offered in a static auditory and written form with lesser visual and physical engagement. In this regard, a Two Day National Workshop was conducted online on the subject Pedagogy of Construction in Architectural Education in collaboration with Council of Architecture Training & Research Center Bhopal on 23rd and 24th of July 2021. The workshop intended at describing some approaches to remedify common defects in pedagogy for students, academicians, practitioners and research scholars of Architecture and Construction Industry. It turned out to be a massive success as it was not just the tremendous participation which the workshop received but also the quality of talk given by our distinguished speakers: Architect T S Ravichandran, Dr. Amarnath C B, Architect Manish Sharma and Col. V K Malik (Retd). The event was coordinated by Prof. Bandana Jain and moderated by Assistant Professor Tulika Pahwa.

The first day of the workshop was focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice in architectural construction and the integration of BIM in construction education.  And, the second day focussed on innovations in construction pedagogy: Learning-by-doing and upcoming building materials and construction Techniques.

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