On 3rd March 2017 the second year students from School of Fashion & Design, G D Goenka University along with the faculty Ms. Babita Sangwan and Mr. Mohit Bhardwaj visited Ambassador’s residence at Italian Embassy.Italian Architect Marco Ferreri addressed students and explained them intricacies of Italian design and its philosophy.

Undoubtedly, Italian designs are the best in the world! The students had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of products from lamps, vases to everyday utility products.

The designs showcased at the embassy were a mix of innovative uses of existing and new materials. The products created by Under-35 designers were amazing, exciting and conscious. These products were new age products taking care of growing social and individual needs. Through these products user and the audience were able to engage and come together. According to Mr. Ferreri this is the need of the hour. Also the old ideals of mass-production are a passé now, the keywords to be focused are reversible, provisional and personal.

Few of the inspiring designs were from designers like Tommaso Caldera, Maria Jennifer Carew, Eugenia Morpurgo and Roberto Sironi.

For design students at GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design this exposure taught them how the philosophy of design is changing, how personal approach can be turned around to appear universal. They also understood that at the prototype stage aesthetics plays a major role and later functionality can be focused on.

Mr Ferreri also presented few of his projects in the classroom session and asked students to talk about it. It was a great learning session for the students of SoFD.

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