As part of the curriculum, students from the School of Management at GD Goenka University visited three different non-governmental organizations.

Being given the golden opportunity to visit different non-governmental organisations and perform activities of benefit to the community was admirable. The team from the Warriors Foundation went to three NGOs in total, performing various distinctive activities. The experience for the team was exquisite and captivating and proved to be full of new learnings, which are to be discussed in detail, focusing on the experience and observations made through the journey.

They started with the search of the NGOs, where they found a dog’s shelter by the name of Loony Tails, Captain Chandan Lal's middle school for the blind, and UPAY NGO (Sohna Road). The experience they had when they visited Loony Tails was not less than an adventure. They walked among 130 dogs and practised treating the injured dogs with the supplements provided to us by the staff. It was a great journey with the dog’s shelter.

Following this, they went to Captain Chandan Lal's middle school for the blind, where they saw such prodigies and talented kids. The kids were full of talent for singing, education about
the braille language, and much more. They also had a fun time at the entertainment programme held every Saturday for these special kids. They learned about the braille language in detail from the kids. It was a wonderful day at their school. 

Moreover, they visited the UPAY NGO (Sohna Road), where they got to meet and greet students of the slums who were educated for two hours daily for six consecutive days in a week. As a sign of respect and helping the needy, they gave a decent donation to the NGO in order to help them with a better education.

In the conclusion, Team Warriors Foundation got to learn about the treatment of injured and in-need dogs, whether it’s your personal pet or a stray dog. Furthermore, they learned that life is a test and that if you fail it, you should never give up and live your life to the fullest. The special kids taught us that there is a lot to explore in this world and that any problem should not become a hurdle in your life’s journey. Moreover, they learned that there might be different sources to receive education, but what matters is your strong will to take it.

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