There is one thing that is common in Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. These are prominent leaders who had studied law. Being one of the oldest academic fields worldwide, a degree in law is one qualification that is highly regarded. Plus, it offers amazing career opportunities.

Different people have different reasons to study law. For one, it may offer the way to uphold justice but for someone else it may be for social work. So, it is safe to say that law is not only for the lawyers in the courtroom but also for other roles as well. These roles could range from international relations to protection of life and liberty.

But choosing the right law college is imperative too. Whether it is one of the best law colleges in Delhi NCR or a reputed law college in other regions, is a decision that you have to take. Here is a detailed look at the benefits that you would get if you study law, the most wanted education degree in the entire world:

1. The power to make a difference

If you study law, you may get a great sense of justice and use it to remove the defects in the system. Offering you to legally make significant changes in the present system, a law degree gives you a chance to make a difference. Plus, if you study law then you actually have the opportunity to help people, especially those who can’t save themselves from the powerful.

2. Vast career opportunities

Apart from the option of becoming a lawyer, you can be a desirable candidate for different fields, such as academia, commerce and industry, media and law, politics, social work, and various others. So rest assured as studying law will provide you with a multitude of career options to choose from.

3. Financial stability

After attaining your law degree, you’ll have to work your way up. However, this professional qualification provides you job security and better remuneration as you career progresses.

4. Strong reasoning and analytical skills

The skills and knowledge that you gain from studying law lets you analyse every aspect of complex problems so as to determine the best solution. You are able to do this on the basis of strong critical thinking and reasoning, qualities that you attain when you study law.

Therefore, obtaining a law degree makes your more analytical, and imparts you with a good sense of reasoning. So, whether you pursue a law degree from one of the top law colleges in Delhi or reputed colleges in other regions, these are qualities you are bound to inculcate while pursuing a degree in law.

5. You become aware of rights and responsibilities

Studying law definitely lets you understand the various regulations in the country. Once you become aware of the rights and responsibilities, it makes you a responsible person of the society.

6. Instils self-confidence

Studying law is an empowering experience overall. It is due to the fact that law students often work in groups and participate vigorously in discussions or debates. Being in such an environment naturally imparts a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Plus, law students get to improve their communication skills which are a pre-requisite to help anyone move forward in their career.

7. Builds a foundation for further studies

After you complete your law degree and go for further studies, you can be rest assured that studying law would have built a strong foundation in you to pursue further studies.

8. It is an intellectual challenge

Providing a host of some amazing benefits, getting a law degree does not come easy. Outstanding academic performance is expected from law students. Thus, pursuing the degree is intellectually challenging and highly demanding. So, it is great for those students who are up for an intellectual challenge.

Whether it is a law degree from a law college in Gurgaon or Delhi or some other city, one thing is constant - the benefits mentioned above will continue to be there, ensuring not just a nuanced understanding of law, but holistic development as well.


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