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Welcome to the School of Medical and Allied Sciences

As a result of increasing interest and the national need in related health services, the School of Medical & Allied Sciences has been established at G.D. Goenka University to train experts in different healthcare fields. We believe that in the field of Biomedical Sciences, there’s always something new to discover. Therefore, our courses focus on practical skills.

GD Goenka School of Medical and Allied Sciences

GD Goenka's School of Medical and Allied Sciences provides research and knowledge-based intensive courses that serve as a miraculous foundation for careers in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Optometry, Clinical Research and Healthcare, Nutrition and Health, Medical Lab Technology, Radiology, Cardiovascular Technology and Public Health. The School of Medical and Allied Sciences has religiously adopted a research-intensive curriculum, which organically fosters excellence in interdisciplinary research among the students. The students undergoing Graduation and Post-Graduation courses at GD Goenka's School of Medical and Allied Sciences get to interact with renowned scientists and healthcare professionals from superlative Healthcare organizations like, Medanta, Fortis, Artemis and many others. The industrial and outside- the- classroom exposure given to students widens their scope of learning beyond expectations. ABP news has As a matter of fact, GD Goenka's School of Medical and Allied Sciences is constantly accounted among the Top Pharmacy Colleges in Delhi NCR, while also getting maximum accolades for Physiotherapy, Nursing and its other healthcare courses offered in the school. GD Goenka university has also conferred with the "Best University in Pharmacy" award by ABP News during the 9th 'National Education Award' held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The school further reinforces its academic learning by incorporating a wide array of co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences.

Among The Top Physiotherapy, Pharmacy Colleges in Delhi NCR

GD Goenka’s School of Medical and Allied Sciences has a highly experienced faculty on-board to provide extensive guidance to students, whilst nurturing them for present and future needs of the Healthcare sector and its transitional betterment. The courses at the School of Medical and Allied Sciences have a clear emphasis on the art of ‘self-learning’ for allowing students to develop their skills for an effective application in real-life situations. The pedagogy rendered is lucid, understandable and progressive to ensure balanced learning-teaching platform. Moreover, the students have at their disposal state-of-the-art technology rich laboratories, ICT classrooms, functional OPDs, computational facilities and a well-stocked digitized library. Every ounce of excellence put, makes GD Goenka’s School of Medical and Allied Sciences, one of the top Physiotherapy College in Delhi, NCR and one of the splendid hallmark of academic excellence in Pharmacy, Nursing and other healthcare fields.



  • Dr. Rohit Dutt

    Dr. Rohit Dutt

    School of Medical and Allied Sciences

  • Dr. Mamta Dagar

    Dr. Mamta Dagar

    Assistant Professor
    Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy

  • Dr. Aparna Khansili

    Dr. Aparna Khansili

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Minkal Tuteja

    Dr. Minkal Tuteja

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance

  • Dr. Deepak Sharma

    Dr. Deepak Sharma

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutics Analysis

  • Dr. Richa Mahajan

    Dr. Richa Mahajan

    Assistant Professor
    Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal)

  • Mr. Abhishek Sharma

    Mr. Abhishek Sharma


  • Ms. Neha Chandel

    Ms. Neha Chandel

    Assistant Professor
    Medical Microbiology & Molecular Microbiology

  • Dr. Aashish Sharma

    Dr. Aashish Sharma

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Ms. Pooja Mathur

    Ms. Pooja Mathur

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Tabish Fahim

    Dr. Tabish Fahim

    Assistant Professor
    Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Anil K. Sharma

    Dr. Anil K. Sharma

    Assistant Professor

  • Md. Imtiyaz Ansari

    Md. Imtiyaz Ansari

    Assistant Professor
    Radiology & Imaging Technology

  • Dr. Sonali Soumyashree

    Dr. Sonali Soumyashree


  • Dr. Zaheed Akhtar

    Dr. Zaheed Akhtar

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Elina Dewanji Sen

    Dr. Elina Dewanji Sen

    Medical Doctor & Associate Professor
    Cardiovascular Technology

  • Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

    Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

    Associate Professor & Head, Department of Physiotherapy

  • Dr. Rahul Pratap Singh

    Dr. Rahul Pratap Singh

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Suhani Sinha

    Ms. Suhani Sinha

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Vikas Jhawat

    Dr. Vikas Jhawat

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Rajni Bagdi

    Ms. Rajni Bagdi

    Assistant Professor
    Clinical Pathology

  • Ms. Digvijaya

    Ms. Digvijaya


  • Mr. Suresh Kumar

    Mr. Suresh Kumar

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Manni Dutta

    Ms. Manni Dutta

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Dr. Anand Kumar Singh

    Dr. Anand Kumar Singh

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Komal Lalwani

    Dr. Komal Lalwani

    Assistant Professor & Homeopathy Doctor
    Public Health and Biostatistics

  • Mr. Gopendra Singh

    Mr. Gopendra Singh

    Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Rubina Wadhwa

    Ms. Rubina Wadhwa

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Dr. Mhaveer Singh

    Dr. Mhaveer Singh

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry

  • Ms. Monika

    Ms. Monika


  • Dr. Swetlana Gautam

    Dr. Swetlana Gautam

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Dimpy Rani

    Dr. Dimpy Rani

    Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Dr. Payal  Mahajan

    Dr. Payal Mahajan

    Assistant Professor
    Nutrition & Health

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Student Testimonials

  • I am immensely impressed with the Physiotherapy department of GD Goenka University for providing students regular training program in association with well - known hospitals of NCR which will help their students to groom and prepare themselves for the challenges in the health care industries. The Faculty members and staff are all dedicated to student’s success and innovation, making GD Goenka University an exciting place to learn.
    Dr Kapil Chauhan
  • I feel, it is a privilege to come to this university and I am so glad I made the right decision. Thank you, SOMAS staff for being so supportive and to my classmates for this amazing experience.
    Kusum Madan. BPT, Sem 4
  • Gulshan Chauhan, Bsc N&H, Sem 4
    The past 2 years at GD Goenka University have been incredible. Their strong academic programmes, readily accessible faculty, and wide variety of student resources creates an excellent learning environment. There are learners from across the world making the experience enriching. Together, it has helped me gain insight and exposure.
    Gulshan Chauhan, Bsc N&H, Sem 4
  • Manisha, Bsc N&H, Sem 4
    As a student of B.Sc Nutrition and Health, I am very content with the quality of education offered at SOMAS, GDGU. The teachers are supportive making learning, fun and interactive. The focus is on making learners high quality professionals by imparting industry related skills and knowledge necessary to overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.
    Manisha, Bsc N&H, Sem 4
  • It's a beautiful university offering fantastic environment with great infrastructure and remarkable library and sport facilities. The teachers are very understanding and supportive extending real time learning opportunities. I have really enjoyed my first year!
    Nazreen, BPT, Sem 2
  • Neha Sharma, BPT, Sem 4
    Attending G D GOENKA UNIVERSITY has made me a better person. The staff, instructors are very helpful and the atmosphere friendly. Physiotherapy programme is very insightful and practical making, learning very interesting. I am proud to call myself a GOENKAN.
    Neha Sharma, BPT, Sem 4
  • The university has a large number of people from different courses and diverse cultural backgrounds. This allows one to interact with different minds. Apart from the amazing and unique infrastructure, there are highly qualified professors to facilitate learning. I would recommend GD Goenka University to anyone who wants a strong foundation and a launching pad for their career.
    Charu Shila, B Pharmacy, Sem 2
  • GD Goenka University has excellent infrastructure when compared with other Universities. Having ready access to state – of – art laboratories & highly qualified staff, helps to gain a deeper understanding of pharmaceutical advances.
    Dharna Soni, B Pharmacy, Sem 2
  • I strongly believe that the Department of Pharmacy at G.D. Goenka University is one of the best in Haryana. Initially, I was anxious about my future but mentoring by teachers helped me to gain the confidence to grow both personally and professionally.
    Akshita, B Pharmacy, Sem 2
  • So far, my time at GD Goenka University has been very exciting! The kind of support I get from the faculty members and the opportunities to participate in extra- curricular activities is conducive for holistic development of the learner.
    Jigyasa Gosai, B Pharmacy, Sem 2
  • The faculty members of SOMAS are adroit in their respective subjects, and they know how to enable students to reach their full potential.
    Ayush Jain, B.Pharmacy, Sem 2
  • I’m doing Bsc Nutrition and Health and i think the facilities, environment and the resources here are much better than any government college. The teachers are kind and supportive. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive and this has helped me in developing a positive attitude towards my studies.

    Ruchika Bachani
    BNH – Sem 1
  • Uma Raghav
    I am Uma Raghav and i’m doing BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy). I like the quality of education and teachers motivation towards our study. Teachers are cooperative and helpful and our batchmates too. Practical classes are very informative and i enjoy being at GDGU.
    Uma Raghav
    BPT – Sem 1
  • Tarannum Naaz Chaudhary

    I did my schooling from G.D. Goenka Public School, Siliguri, West Bengal and decided to pursue BSC. in Nutrition and Health from G.D. Goenka University,Sohna,Haryana, as Goenka is pioneer, top notch leader in the field of education. G.D. Goenka University is not just a university, it is the epitome of learning where students fulfill their dreams, overcome fears and weaknesses to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. It is just not a place to earn qualifications or a degree but to be groomed holistically. Goenka nurtures talent.

    Life in Goenka has been a breathtaking experience. As a hosteller, I would say it is actually a “Home away from Home”. All the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in Goenkan family has been great help and a strong support. This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place.

    Tarannum Naaz Chaudhary
    BNH – Sem1
  • Mehravan Singh

    I studied from Vishva Bharti Public School, Jagadhri, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. After my schooling I decided to pursue Bachelor’s of Pharmacy and came to know that G.D. Goenka University, Sohna, Haryana was one of the best universities not only for Medical course but also for many other fields and a university which is known for good quality of study but also for other creative activities and sports. The university focuses on creating a professional out of us and helping us in overcoming our fears and to work hard to achieve our goals.

    Life in the hostel is amazing as It still feels that I am living in my home. All the facuilty members and everyone in the Goenka family have proven to be of great support and have always been understanding. I will remember the experiences I have lived in Goenka and will cherish them my whole life.

    Mehravan Singh
    B.Pharma, Sem 1
  • Dikansha Trikha
    I Dikansha Trikha student of Bachelor of Pharmacy fortunate to be a student of this college G.D. Goenka University Sohna Road. We are blessed with very senior and experienced faculty as well as state of art laboratories with sophisticated and advanced instruments on which students are allowed to work themselves. The college has a very conducive atmosphere for education and research, as it offers B.Pharmacy. We get plenty of opportunities to develop our all round personalities not only through excellent academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities and field trips.
    Dikansha Trikha
    B.Pharma – Sem1
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