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School of Medical and Allied Sciences, GD Goenka University, Sohna, Gurugram organized its 2ndNational Conference , entitled “Recent Advances and Challenges in Healthcare” (REACH) on 16th March, 2019, which aimed at the cognitive structures of the many strands of healthcare discourse that needs to be interrogated in order to seek a rationale of better human health and productive society.  The visionary theme for the conference was “Exploring the Greener Avenues in Healthcare”, wherein the conference  engrossed   a  vicinity  of  conscious discussions  among  the  scientific community along  with  unparalleled  collaborative  opportunities  between  a  large  pool of  healthcare professionals, both from academia and industry. Around 700 students and faculty members participated in the conference and accelerated the joyous spirit of the event. The event was graced by Prof. (Dr.) B. Suresh, President- Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) & Vice Chancellor, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysoreas the honorable Chief Guest of the conference.

The conference started with the elegance of lamp lighting ceremony and Welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) SukuBhaskaran, President, GD Goenka University, who deliberated about the contemporary scenario in Healthcare discipline and the need of the hour is to democratically share opinions of change and betterment, mostly attained through such dialectics of ideas, evidently visible in the conference. Dr. B. Suresh, President, Pharmacy Council of India and Vice Chancellor, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research was the esteemed Chief Guest of the event. He beautifully emphasized upon the need for exploring greener approaches in different healthcare domain to collaborate and integrate towards effective implementation of patient healthcare.The event was marked by motivating addresses of the keynote speakers, Dr. NeerjaHajela, Head R&D, Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd.; Dr. Savita Ravindra, Professor and Head Physiotherapy, M.S. Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital. The Guest of Honor for the session included Dr. Shailendra Saraf, Vice President Pharmacy Council of India and Dr. SudhirKalhan, Chairman, Institute of Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. The significance of the need of greener alternatives, exercises, probiotics and use of herbal medicines to combat challenges posed by modern day lifestyle was discussed by our venerated Guests which encapsulated a radical, integrated and motivational approach to concerned Healthcare discourse.

In the gracious presence of galaxy of dignitaries,  unveiling of the conference’s proceedings and release of the Book, jointly edited by Prof.(Dr.) Rohit Dutt, Associate Dean , School of Medical and Allied Sciences, GD Goenka University ; Dr. Anil Sharma , Assistant Professor, GD Goenka University and Mr. Raj Keservaniwas done amidst the spirited cheer of the audience.The Conference was constituted of multifold Technical Sessions and 14 proficient speakers, aiming to render a better understanding of the conference’s theme and academic aesthetics. The First technical session included a Panel Discussion on ‘Need of Herbal Pharmacovigilance’, whose  expertmoderator was Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan and the skilled panelists included , Prof. (Dr.) M.C. Gupta- Senior Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, PGIMS, Rohtak ; Dr. Shashank K Singh, Principal Scientist, CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Canal Road, Jammu ;  Dr.NipunPatil ; Dr. Godwin Newton , Assistant General Manager, Shri Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan Pvt. Ltd., Allahabad .

Second Technical Session included a stimulating talk on ‘Global Perspectives of Indigenous System of Medicines(Herbalism) in Current Era’, by Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, Vice President, AIMIL Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.He briefed about the plants used as medicine, their herbal formulations and their benefits on the human body. He enlightened our students about the Ayurvedic system of medicine and deconstructed many myths regarding this.

Third Technical was a Hands on Training Session on ‘Microwave Assisted Synthesis:Instrumentation and Application’, by Mr. Sultan Singh, Product Manager, Anton Paar India Pvt. Limited. The working of this instrument was demonstrated in detail by Mr. Sultan. Students got a concretely integrated idea about the working and operational procedure of this instrument and alongside understood the application of this instrument in the pharmaceutical arena.

Fourth Technical Session was Hands on Training Session on “Viscometry: Instrumentation and Application”, by Mr. Rahul Sharma Product Specialist, Anton Paar India Pvt. Limited. Inquisitive students took full participation in the hands on training program and showed their interest in understanding the basic functioning of the instruments. Through this hands on training session they were bestowed by the opportunity to learn outside the realms of the scheduled classrooms.


Alongside, Poster presentation session and oral presentation session was also observed and diligentlyinstructed by the Academic and Scientific committee of the University, wherein some thought- provoking ideas were harmoniously executed in their efforts done for the same. Apart from the Pharmacy tracks, Physiotherapy and Nutrition tracks were also simultaneously commenced and the adequate knowledge was rendered. In Nutrition domain, Dr. NeerjaHajela and Dr. Sandhya Pandey were the Guest Speakers.

During Diet and Nutrition track, the chairperson for first technical session was Dr Pooja Sharma, Senior scientist, Medanta Institute of Education and Research. DrNeerjaHajela, Head (R & D) Yakult India Private Limited delivered a lecture on “The Role of Micro Biome and Probiotics in Health & Disease”. She shared an informative insight about different health benefits of probiotics, probiotics and symbiotic. She also briefed the students about the association of gut flora in prevention of various common ailments and further added about research studies which proved that the intake of probiotics helps in preventing diarrhoea and infections among children.

Second session was chaired by Dr.NeerjaHajela and the speaker was Ms. Sandhya Pandey, (Chief clinical nutritionist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon). Ms. Pandey gave a knowledgeable session on “Nutrition in Cardiovascular Diseases”,  in which she articulated about growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases and  the role of varying nutrients i.e. PUFA, MUFA, flavonoids, antioxidants in maintaining heart health. She also discussed about AHA/ACC guidelines on lifestyle management to reduce cardiovascular risk. Students attained an informed learning about the same and concluded the lecture with clarification of their unsettled doubts.

In the Physiotherapy track, Dr. Savita Ravindra and Dr. Kshitija Bansal, Associate Professor, Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy, New Delhi; Dr. Hema Valecha, Physical therapist at Sports Authority of India, Delhi; Dr. Akshay Arora, Head Physiotherapy Department, W-Pratiksha Hospital, Gurgaon lend productive insightful knowledge to the audience. Dr.Savita Ravindra delivered a talk on “Understanding Epidemiological Transition in India: Implications to PT Practice”, Dr. Kshitiza Bansal presented a detailed study on “Movement for Health: A Step towards Physical Activity”, a session covering all the areas justifying the role of being physically active and its impact on the health. Moving ahead towards another session, Dr. Hema Valecha delivered a hands on session on Kinesiotaping technique, which gives lifelong learning to the buddying physiotherapists and its implementation in their clinical practice. Lastly, Dr. Akshay Arora enumerated some novel ideas to physiotherapy students about recently emerging medical therapy, i.e “Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy”, and its various implications in relieving neural pain, also giving live demonstration to the students showing the effectiveness of this therapy.The Physiotherapy tracks were delivered in a wholesome manner that added academic value for all the attending physiotherapists. Budding physiotherapist also witnessed pre-conference workshop entitled “Aqua Aerobics and Fitness workshop”, on 14th – 15th March, 2019. Dr. Prachi Shah Arora, Sports Physiotherapist for Indian Swimming and Diving Team, Indian Institute of Physical Therapy, Mumbai instructed and guided the session. She started the session by rendering informative knowledge to the students participating in the workshop. The sessions included some uniquely refreshing activities like , Aqua stretches , Ai Chi , Aqua Games , Aqua Yoga , Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Choreography. The workshop channelized novel knowledge and learning about the uniquely miraculous nature of Aquatic fitness that refreshingly significant in the contemporary scenario.

REACH, 2019 culminated with an enthralling Group Dance performance by our students and with a Valedictory session, graced by Dr. Gajender Singh, Principle and Dean, College of Pharmacy, Pt. BD Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak. Cheerful applauding of the winners of the Poster session and Paper presentation was witnessed, whose reach and cognitive acumen was acknowledged by the University.

The journey of REACH 2019 might have come to end, but its enlightening essence will be once again felt and shall be merrily embraced to deliberate and disseminate more knowledge and to fathom future research discourse, while navigating the many idiosyncrasies of Health Sciences.

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