Mr. Vinod Gahlot

Assistant Professor
Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Professional Biography

Vinod Gahlot is an expert in the area of pharmacology and pathophysiology with a background in human anatomy and physiology. He has taught these subjects for nearly 15 years at universities such as GGS Indraprastha University, UP Technical University (Lucknow) and SGT University.

Vinod Gahlot is pursuing a PhD from SGT University; M. Pharm (Pharmacology) from Vinayaka Mission Research Foundation University; and Bachelor of Pharmacy from Maharishi Dayanand University.

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Alzheimer’s disease: neurotransmitters involved and the possible new strategies’, Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(1), pp. 5-12. (Maratha, S.K., Falls, N., Vashist, N., Yadav, S., Gahlot. V., 2019).

‘Can food supplements combat cancer: an insight’, Indo Global Journalof Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(1), pp. 32-41. (Gupta, A., Vashist, N., Bajaj, S., Gahlot. V., Yadav, S., Maratha, S., Rajput, A., 2019).

‘Oxidiazole and their synthetic analogues: an updated review’,International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Archive, 9(3), pp. 4-9. (Yadav, S., Vashist, N., Gahlot. V., Rajput, A., Maratha, S., 2018).

Current Research

Vinod Gahlot’s current research interests are focused on anti-convulsant and anti-psychotic extracts of herbal origin. He maintains his relationship with and is also a member of Indian Pharmacological Society.

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