In my family, my parents are both engineers. So I grew up with a strong interest in computer programmes. Programmers through repeated innovation make their own ideal programmes finally. I think it’s a very accomplished thing. I also dream that one day I can make my own perfect programmes. So, beginning in elementary school, I usually read software websites and started to practice computer keyboard input. I know it is necessary to type quickly if you want to make programmes. Then I started learning a simple programming language in middle school. In fact, I like this profession, a part of the reason is that I think work with computers is very interesting.

But as I got to know it, I found that I was wrong. It is very tiring and tedious, and can even make people feel bored. So it needs enough patience and interest. That didn’t stop me. I like the feeling that one needs to calm down and concentrate on doing something. I want to do my best to design a software and programmes , and then get people’s recognition. To me, nothing is more exciting than this.

After high school, I realized that there are many forms of my favorite subject, it is not only limited to software, but also physics and mathematics. They are collectively referred to as Computer Science Engineering. I think I will like it more and more as time goes by. It carries my dream after all. I will continue to exercise and improve myself in CSE, and realize my dream finally.

Zejing Wang, China

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